Peppa Pig: Hide And Seek

Tекст из мультика «Hide And Seek»

I’m Peppa Pig
This is my Little brother George
This is Mummy Pig
And This is Daddy Pig

Hide And Seek

Peppa and George are playing hide and seek.
It is George’s turn to hide
He must quickly find somewhere to hide before Peppa finishes counting.
-One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…
George’s found somewhere to hide. Just in time.

-Eight, nine, ten.
Ready or not here I come.
Peppa has to find where George is hiding.
-Found you!
Peppa has found George.
-George, I can see you too easely.
Now it is Peppa’s turn to hide
-One, three…..
-I’ll help George to count!
-One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Ok George,
open your eyes.

George has to find where Peppa is hiding.
Peppa isn’t hiding under the table.
-George, have you thought of looking upstairs?
-Peppa isn’t under the bed.
What was that strange noise?
Peppa isn’t behind the curtain.
-Grunting, grunting.
There is that strange noise again. What can it be?
George has found where Peppa is hiding.
-George found me! Now it’s Daddy’s turn to hide.
-Oh, I think George will have another turn.
-But George isn’t very good at hiding.
-I’m sure he will be better this time. Close your eyes and start counting.
-One, two, three, four…
Oh dear, Peppa will easely find George!
-…five, six, seven
-George come over here.
-… eight, nine, ten. Ready or not here I come!
-Oh, George isn’t hiding under the table. But George always hides under the table.
-Have you thought of looking upstairs?
-I know where he is!
-George is in a toy busket.
George is not in a toy busket. Where can he be?
Peppa cannot find George anywhere.
-Daddy, I can’t find George anywhere.
-Oh dear, I wonder where he can be…
-Actually, I think that something about George in this newspapper.
-George, found you!
-Oh George, that was a good place to hide.
George was hiding behind Daddy Pig’s newspaper all the time!!!

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