Английский — English, англичане — the English, …

Англичане = the English, (these/those) English people, Englishmen

Артикль the превращает «английский язык» — English:

I study English.
— Я изучаю английский (язык).

в англичан — the English:

Brothers, we must be as one as the English are!
— Братья, мы должны быть едины так же, как англичане!
(призыв вождя индейского племени)

А как сказать «эти англичане», «те англичане»?
— these/those Englishmen или these/those English people:



I love these English people.

Почему, за что любить этих англичан? Why I love these English people
Документ — обращение вождя индейского племени:

Brothers, we must be as one as the English are, or we shall all be destroyed. You know our fathers had plenty of deer and skins and our plains were full of game and turkeys, and our coves and rivers were full of fish.

But, brothers, since these Englishmen have seized our country, they have cut down the grass with scythes, and the trees with axes. Their cows and horses eat up the grass, and their hogs spoil our bed of clams; and finally we shall all starve to death; therefore, stand not in your own light, I ask you, but resolve to act like men. All the sachems both to the east and the west have joined with us, and we are resolved to fall upon them at a day appointed, and therefore I come secretly to you, cause you can persuade your Indians to do what you will.
Herbert Milton Sylvester, Indian Wars of New England (Cleveland, 1910)


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